The Freedom Company is an apostolic worship ministry founded by Allan & Naomi McKinlay. 


We love the presence of God. We've experienced so much freedom and transormation in our lives through the power of encountering God in worship. We do it first and foremost to give glory to God because we passionately love Him! However He always shows up and pours out His love, joy, peace, hope, faith, healing, miracles and so much more.  

Our heart is to create spaces and hubs for people to experience the presence of God in a life changing way.  

We also want to see a generation of worship leaders, musicians, artists, entreprenuers, intercessors, creatives and worshippers be discipled to be radical lovers of Jesus and to walk in their true identity as children of God. 

Our vision is to host worship nights, schools, workshops & hubs around Scotland. We want to see a creative revival that will transform our nation and the nations!  



Allan & Naomi have been married for 15 years and have two teenage children, Katelyn and Matthew.

Allan is a recording artist, worship leader and singer/songwriter. For the past 11 years he has recorded various albums and travelled extensively leading worship at many different events, conferences & festivals all over the world.  

Naomi is a speaker with a prophetic edge and has ministered at various events throughout the UK. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Divinty in Theology & Pastoral Care at the Scottish Baptist College.