Fire In The Wilderness

Prophetic Word by Naomi McKinlay. 


For a while now I have felt led to share some of the prophetic words and revelations God has blessed me with via a Blog. I have ignored the prompting for quite some time as I felt a little embarrassed to put myself out there on social media. However, I can’t seem to get away from it no matter how much I try, so here I am writing and sharing my first Blog.  I hope what I share is a blessing and resonates with you on some level.  

The first word I want to share is one I received in April 2018 as I was preparing for what I was going to bring to a monthly worship night my husband and I run in Glasgow called The Freedom Company ( In light of what’s going on with the weather in the world at the moment, I was prompted to share this word again. I by no means intend to be insensitive to what people are going through in the areas affected by wildfires and flooding etc. In fact, I pray it will be an incentive to pray for all those affected.

I saw a vision of two mountains (volcanos) and God took me to the centre of the first one. It was full of cold, dark and hard rock. I noticed that I could not move – I was stuck. Then God took me to the centre of the second mountain. It was full of hot, soft and sticky lava. When I came out I asked God what he was trying to communicate to me. I heard him say,

“Both of these mountains look the same on the outside but inside are very different. Both of these mountains represent my people and nations of the world. Your nation of Scotland is like the first mountain and can be mistaken for an extinct volcano. However, she is just lying dormant because her heart has become hard and barren due to disappointment, idolatry, unforgiveness and pride. The second volcano is what is to come. I am going to resurrect and resuscitate the heart of the nation – My church! I am at this moment, gathering the remnants and filling them afresh with my Spirit and fiery presence, like the hot lava. There will come a point that they will no longer be able to contain my fire and it will cause an eruption.

There have been many false words and visions that have contradicted my Spirit. I am going to start speaking my word so clearly that you will be left in no doubt as to what I am saying.              

Jer 23:29 “is not my word like fire declares the Lord and like a hammer that breaks the rock”

Scotland has become dry and hard like a barren wilderness. However, these are the best conditions to start a fire and cause it to catch and spread. It only takes a small spark in dry terrain for a fire to break out and spread with such speed and ferocity. I have used California physically and spiritually to illustrate this. Will you be my sparks for this land?

Will you allow me to break the areas of hardness within your heart, like the rock? I will speak my words and they will come with such clarity you will be left in no doubt, that it is me who speaks.

I am not coming to you as a campfire but as a wildfire.

I am not coming as a gentle breeze but as a hurricane.

I am not coming as a light drizzle of rain but as a torrential downpouring that will spiritually cover the land leaving no part unaffected.

When I arrive and move in your land, there will be no question, everyone will know.  The effect will overturn and impact everything, no more business as usual – it will cause an awe-filled standstill.

I am going to make your meeting places exciting again. You will say “the zeal for the house of the Lord has consumed me.” Churches are going to become places people want to be, not because of good programs, good songs and good teaching, but because it is my chosen manifest dwelling place that is tangible to all who abide in it.

 Many have tried to box and contain me and so I the Holy Spirit, have had to leave many places. I cannot be contained and locked up like a prisoner, always present but never free. Will you invite me in and grant me freedom no matter how I look? Even if I am unpredictable, uncontrollable and if my nature scares you?

I am a safe place but risky.

I am concise and ordered but all over the place.

I reveal myself and make sense but I am a hidden mystery.

My Kingdom is an upside down one that cannot be navigated by experience or by logic alone – it requires all of you. I have given you freedom to let you be you, now will you let me be me?

Your forefathers called me the wild goose. They understood scripture and experienced me in radical ways. I cannot be tamed or domesticated, that’s why they assigned me that name. I cannot be bent to suit your wants and desires; I am beyond your control. You are free to pursue me but do not try to subdue me.

I have allowed wilderness because that’s where you learn that you are not in control. In the wilderness, you are reminded who you are and who you are not. You discover who I am, ‘Elohim’, The Great I AM, mighty, creator, father, partner, and friend. I am not dualistic in nature, mighty and gentle, King and friend. I am all in all, holistic and lacking nothing.

In this season of wilderness in your nation, I am shifting your thinking to realise who I am and the place I require in you. I am changing your prayer from ‘meet my needs’ to ‘what are you doing and can I join you?’ It’s a shift that moves you from slavery to sonship then onto mature sonship – a place where you will partner with me and be given oversight and responsibilities.

I am moving you from being people of safety to people of risk.

From controlling ones to wild ones, who will recklessly follow me – The wild goose.

Will you allow me to ignite the passion and fire of your first love?

Will you let it erupt and be loose in your nation?

Will you be my sparks?

As you seek me and find me, know that I have sought you and found you. We are one. Remain in me, in my love, and in my fire. Do not depart or grow cold again. Be hidden in me and I will surround you. I will be above, below, before and behind you. I will protect you like armour. If you are fully in me, you will be completely safe from the enemy. Sit at my table and feast with me. Come, sit on my knee and let’s chat. Fall desperately in love with me. This love is your fire. Let us rest our feet on the footstool of our enemies, for they are under our feet.